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– Easy to use and light to handle, this kettle is the perfect size for common kitchen needs. It holds just enough water for three standard cups of coffee — or two large mugs.
– The kettle’s precision pour spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate. A pouring experience unlike any other, based on tireless ergonomic research. The handle fits snugly into your hand and the hot water flows smoothly and cleanly from the nozzle, letting you direct the flow exactly where you want it to go. From careful overpouring to everyday cup-filling, this kettle is a beautiful and comfortable companion.
– It boils water in just a few minutes, meaning you can enjoy a cup of coffee in no time. Stop wasting your time in front of the microwave or stove.
– The kettle’s power light is a tiny neon tube in the handle with a unique, delicate glow that can be seen from any angle. This attention to detail helps to enrich even the few minutes it takes to boil a pot of water.
– Product Dimensions: 26.92 x 14.22 x 19.30 cm; 1.24 kg.


Black, White



    Great product. I would buy again.

  2. Renee F.

    Beautiful and practical. Pours gently and graceful. Elegantly designed.

  3. M. Schwartz

    It’s matte black is very satisfying and cozy. The ease of use has helped on mornings and nights when I’m exhausted or very busy and just need everything to go right. It takes a short time to heat up and won’t make a ton of water hot but it’s good for one or two people and I can leave it out all the time.

  4. Hyo jung kim

    Neat and safe design.Light weight.Perfect size for couple tea time.

  5. SincLabs

    The wife is a big tea drinker. I bought this for her for Christmas. She absolutely loves it. Best she has every used. Its well built and beautiful to look at. Very functional… highly recommended.

  6. brett

    Idk what it is about the kettle but it just makes you feel good when using it. The sutle light when brewing looks so cool and this thing boils water basically instantly

  7. Zeyu Liu

    Great kettle. Heats up water really fast, and the light feature is so cool! I love the retro style of this design

  8. Luna Y.

    As expected, super cute and great for making tea and coffee. One of the best house warming presents I’ve got so far.

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